CBD With Some Traces of THC – How Does It Work?

June 28, 2021 0 Comments

CBD is the extract of cannabis that is devoid of THC. THC is known to offer high effects on the users. When CBD and THC are combined and used, the effects will be excellent, only if you get the right ratio of the mixture.

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THC – why is it avoided 

THC is the actual component that offers a sense of high in the users of marijuana. It is the main component that can make one feel stoned. Hence, people normally prefer steering clear from THC-rich supplements because of the effects that they offer for the users.

THC and CBD Together 

The working mechanism of CBD and THC is still at the research level. The cannabinoids that are present in cannabis such as terpenes, flavonoids, cannabidiol, etc., all together create a unique effect when taken in the suggested dosage. This effect is known as the entourage effect and has many benefits to offer for the users.

CBD, when consumed in the suggested dosage, will work on triggering the working of endocannabinoids in the form of anandamide. Cannabinoids will even trigger the working mechanism of many other receptors such as GPR55, and serotonin, and so on. Altogether, these receptors and cannabinoids will work on reducing muscle spasms, anxiety issues, and other such problems in the users.

CBD, when mixed with THC, will offer many benefits and intoxicating effects on many body functions. Hence, the combination of CBD and THC are normally employed in the medical field to take care of issues in the patients such as pain after some surgeries or procedures, and so on.

CBD is best known for taking care of many issues such as diabetes, anxiety, pain, depression, neurodegenerative diseases, head trauma, addiction issues, and so on. THC is best known for offering a sense of high effect in the users when taken in high dosages. However, with the right dosage, THC can offer the required effect in the users in the form of painkillers, anti-inflammation, and so on.

CBD and THC – Right Ratio 

Here are some of the ratios with which CBD and THC work for you.

  • 2:1, with 2 parts of CBD and 1 part of THC
  • 1:4, where a part of CBD is mixed with 4 parts of THC
  • 1:1, where both CBD and THC will be taken in equal ratios
  • 1:2, where a part of CBD is mixed with 2 parts of THC
  • 20:1, where 20 parts of CBD is mixed with 1 part of THC

Each ratio of CBD and THC have their own set of benefits to offer to the users. Hence, many medical professionals suggest taking CBD and THC in any given ratio so that their patients will get to experience the best benefits of the mixture.