4 Tips For PPC Specialists In The Automation Age

December 9, 2021 0 Comments

Digital marketing is not an exception to the trend of automation is changing the workforce in all industries.

Automating your account management and optimization can eliminate the manual labour involved in pausing ads or managing your bidding.

There’s no reason to panic: Automation won’t replace the role of PPC specialists. Some tasks are impossible for automation and machine learning, while others require humans, digital marketers. PromoNavi vs. Opteo: Which PPC Automation Platform Is Best? We’ll discuss in this article.

How can you adapt your role as a PPC specialist to the new age of automation? These ideas will help you to take advantage of this opportunity and be a more effective marketer.

  • Stabilize your foundations

There is no reason to not implement the most basic best practices into your account. Even more important, it’s not a good excuse to keep them up-to-date.

Ad variants

You can test different ad variants to find the best copy for your audience. Every ad group must have at least three ads.

Extensions for ads

Ad extensions give you more information about your product or service, which can increase your ad’s visibility in search results. You should make sure to use them and add as many variations as you can to your account.

  • Stay up-to-date

It is easy to miss out on opportunities that are available for your account. There are always new features or updates. Automating your account updates can save you time and allow you to keep up with industry trends or updates.

Responsive text ads

Google now recommends headlines and descriptions for RSA ads after releasing the new ad format. This will make it easy to use the ad format and give you access to their machine learning offering.

Headline 3 and Description 2.

This is a great opportunity to increase your visibility in search results and also to use more space to promote your USPs, which will help you stand out more. Google expanded the text ads to allow for a third headline and a second description.

  • Spring cleaning

Automation can help you focus on the larger picture, which is the overall health of your account and its performance.

Review the ad content

You can stop any out-of-date content that has managed to escape the end date scheduling. Don’t let expired promo codes get you in trouble.

Redesign your client communications and reports

It is easy to overlook how complicated these insights can be when your job revolves around graphs, statistics, and numbers. To give stakeholders the context they may need, you might consider adding an executive summary.

Knowledge sharing

PPC can provide valuable insights into user behavior that can be used to help in other areas of digital advertising.

  • Learn

Automating your day-to-day optimization allows you to continue learning and developing your skills. There are many ways you can invest in your own learning which will help you to stay ahead of the game and become a better specialist.

Learn from the experts

You can block out some time, even an hour per month, to focus solely on your reading and personal development.

Participate in exhibitions and events

While we all know the benefits of attending events and appreciate the value they bring, time constraints often prevent us from getting there.