8 Impressive Tips to Efficiently Sell Software

January 13, 2022 0 Comments

The software offers many solutions, so if you are interested in developing or selling software then the different varieties to choose from are –

  • SaaS or Software as a Service for file storage & management, document creation app, collaboration platform, etc.
  • Mobile applications for games, social media, financial management, texting, etc.
  • Physical-copy software like software’s CD version

If you are a software developer catering to small businesses but desire to approach large organizations then consider the selling software training course available online at Data Management University.

Tips to sell software 

  1. Identify ideal customer profile

Figure out the kind of issues your software solves or reduces. For example, if the program offers collaborators the chance to communicate seamlessly then your ideal customer includes professionals working on team projects. Research other factors and add to the profile. It includes age range, gender, and geographical location, and pain points. These allow to narrow potential leads and customize the message.

2.Research competitors

Understand what the competitors are offering and what makes your product different. For example, both are accounting software with similar features. The only difference is your competitor is offering report templates, while you are offering them the ability to style their reports. Other unique features or benefits include price & payment options, integration capabilities, customer service offerings, accessibility & navigation, etc.

3. Create online presence

Website is essential for the promotion and sales of your software. Even use social media pages to promote your product. Online presence helps potential seekers to find your software via search engines. A website can include software videos and images, a list of benefits, pricing structure, free trial access, competitors’ comparison reports, customer reviews, blogs, etc. The social media profile includes demonstration videos, infographics, website link, promotions, giveaways, etc.

4. Develop a digital marketing plan

A digital marketing plan includes guest blogging, partnering with niche reviewers; creating digital ads, AdWord campaigns, press releases, and more.

5. Attend niche conferences

At software conferences, you can meet with potential clients, demonstrate products in person as well as build a professional network. You can attend a conference as a vendor, panelist, or general attendee.

6. Prepare a list of businesses you plan to sell and reach out 

Use the target customer profile to identify the industries they work in and their roles in the organization. Prepare a list of organizations you plan to reach out along with the potential contact number whom you feel will be interested.

For example, to sell CRM apps, then look for business development managers and sales reps of the organization. Start with small businesses as the sales cycle is short and it helps to increase your software credibility and awareness. It even helps to strengthen sales strategies making you more confident before you move to sell to large enterprises directly.

7. Offer free trial

Free trials allow the potential users to get familiar with the features and determine if it is a great investment. A free trial can be offered via your website or social media.

8. Collaborate with influencers

Reach out to popular content creators and bloggers in your industry. Request them to test your software as well as promote it on their platform. Offer discount codes to their followers, which they use to subscribe to your software as well as pays influencer.