Limited Edition Watches

March 11, 2022 0 Comments

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Sometimes it can be complicated knowing what kind of watch to purchase for yourself or a loved one, most of the time it can become difficult deciding between different brands and specifications. Founded in 1880, T. H. Baker has over 130 years experience within the jewellery and watch business, this experience has led us to be an accredited dealer so you know you can trust your purchases.

With plenty of watches to choose from online and in store with us, you’re sure to find the perfect watch for you or a loved one. Whether you’re after a fashion watch, luxury timepiece or something that’s help with your sport, we will have the watch for you. Thousands of watches in stock across the House of Watches online store, there is more than enough watches to choose from.

Watch manufacturers often created “limited edition” watches that could be for a number of reasons, a new partnership, sporting event, milestone within the company etc. Limited Edition essentially means there are limited amounts of said item making it higher in demand without the stock. This limited edition version will be relatively similar to the standard version but the limited edition version may offer minor differences or slight changes in design. There is obviously the occasions where brands will make a whole new range and style of watch that is completely limited editions.

It isn’t necessarily which is better to buy between a limited edition watch and a standard edition, it is more about whether you are a fan of the limited edition element, whether it’s a particular sport, celebrity, designer brand collaboration. There is also the question of whether the brand that has created the limited edition watch is a reliable brand and whether the limited edition watch has all the elements that you are looking for in a timepiece.

Brands will often only produce 500 or less items to purchase. Getting a limited edition timepiece really does take some thought as quite often the prices of these watches will rise very quickly, especially when there is a limited number or supply to these watches. Do your research into the history of the model that has been released as limited edition and understand what that model offers you in comparison to other models made by that brand or other brands.

There are plenty of different brands out there that provide different specifications, different technologies and styles with their watches. The main decision will always come down to what you’re after in a watch, how you want your watch to look and how much you are willing to spend on it. There will always be something out there that’s right for each individual, it’s just important to do your research before investing in a timepiece.

There are many different brands of watches sold at House of Watches, including Casio, Tissot, Swatch and many more. Treat yourself or a loved one to the perfect timepiece, whether it be extravagant and luxurious or simple and practical, House of watches will have the ideal watch for everyone. Shop our collection of men’s watches and ladies watches online now at house of watches.