What Is Killing Our Women? These Are Some Things You Need To Consider Immediately

October 15, 2022 0 Comments

Although worldwide, females live longer than men at birth (68.2 years for men, 73.2 years for ladies), in India, however, this is not the case. There are many reasons why women may die earlier due to neglect over the years.

Women’s health is directly related to their status in society and the culture they are exposed to. The socio-economic environment can lead to a variety of health problems. Women’s Health issues include breast and ovarian cancer, menopause, and other conditions. However, some health conditions can be fatal for women that we often ignore. These include death in childbirth, illiteracy, ignorance, and violent attacks on women.

These factors hurt women’s physical, mental, and emotional health. A woman’s health problems can also affect her family.

Multiple Pregnancies And Frequent Births: Indian society is obsessed with a male children. Therefore, many women are forced to have multiple children to have a boy. Although everyone knows what a woman’s nutritional needs are during pregnancy, they are not met. Numerous pregnancies, multiple abortions (even if a female child), and spacing of births can lead to poor health and nutritional status. The mother-to-be should have enough time to recover the nutritional strength she lost during pregnancy and after childbirth. Multiple pregnancies can cause weakened uterus muscles and may fail to contract after delivery

Illiteracy And Ignorance: Poverty and illiteracy play an important role in determining a woman’s health. Rural areas are home to 16% of the country’s population. Poor hygiene can lead to many diseases, including cervical cancer-causing human papillomavirus infection (HPV). This could lead to genital warts and urinary tract infections (UTI), as well as other serious health problems.

Insufficient Nutrition: While it is important to know about nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding, most women don’t know or are unaware of the importance of this information. The women and girls in families are often the last to eat. This means that if they don’t eat enough, they will suffer the most, leading to medical conditions such as anemia, malnourishment, and others. Anemia is a condition in which more than half of all women are affected by hookworm infestation, malaria, and inadequate iron and folic acids.

Violent Crime Against Women: Violence Against Women is also a serious health issue, but it is not being treated as such. In India, a violent crime against women is reported every five minutes. This is a serious problem because it can deplete a woman’s physical and emotional strength. We don’t have enough rehabilitation facilities in the country to care for victims of this crime. Most hospitals won’t take these cases due to their ‘criminal nature. Women are often afraid to speak out because of the taboo and stigma attached to domestic violence and rape. Many women end up suffering abuse and pain.

We as a society must actively promote women’s health. A healthy woman is a strong family. Women aren’t weaker in sex; society has made them that way. More awareness drives, camps to educate rural women about the above issues, and campaigns and projects are needed that help change minds and save our women. If you want to know more about womens health in NJ then you can check out our site lma-llc.com