Hair Colouring Tips for Thick and Curly Hair from Our Hair Stylist

March 26, 2024 0 Comments

It is both a blessing and a challenge to have thick hair. Coloring thick locks is a delicate process that requires expert knowledge and care to achieve the best possible results. Our hair stylists in Aurora, Colorado, understand that clients with thick locks have unique needs and can offer advice on how to achieve amazing hair color transformations. Choosing the right shade and maintaining vibrant color are essential tips when coloring thick hair.

1. Consultation Key

Schedule a consultation to get the best results from any hair dyeing procedure. During this consultation, a stylist will examine your hair to determine its texture, thickness, and condition and discuss the desired hair color. Your hairdresser will use a tailored approach to hair color to complement your natural characteristics and match your skin tone.

2. Opt for Professional Products

When coloring thick hair, it is important to use professional-grade products. Professional products deliver superior color vibrancy, longer-lasting coverage, and better coverage than over-the-counter products. Professional hair dye formulations are specially designed to penetrate thick strands of hair evenly, allowing for more consistent and predictable outcomes.

3. Consider Highlights or Balayage

Balayage or highlights are great options for clients with thicker hair who want to add dimension and texture to their hair without committing fully to a single color. The freehand technique of balayage creates soft and natural-looking highlights that blend seamlessly into the base color. This technique is ideal for thicker hair since it allows for custom placement while avoiding excessive saturation.

4. Protect and Maintain

The hair is porous when thick and more likely to be damaged by color treatments. Color-safe shampoos, conditioners, and hair care products are essential for maintaining hair’s health and integrity. Incorporating weekly deep-conditioning treatments and heat protectants into your hair care regime can nourish and preserve your hair, extending the vibrancy and life of its color.

5. Enjoy Dimensional Colour

Colors with depth can make thick hair look more natural. Consider adding depth and dimension to your hair by using multiple shades. Techniques such as foiling balayage ombre can easily do this.

6. Gradual transition

If you have thick hair and are considering changing your hair color from dark to light, it’s best to take the transition slowly to prevent damage. This may mean multiple salon visits spaced over several weeks or months. This will allow your stylist to slowly lighten your locks while maintaining their integrity and minimizing breakage or over processing.

7. Invest in regular maintenance

To maintain your hair’s color, you must schedule regular maintenance sessions at hair salons in Aurora, Colorado. This could include touch-ups to counteract root regrowth. Toning treatments may be needed to reduce brassiness or maintain desired tones. Conditioning treatments will keep hair hydrated. Regular salon visits help you maintain the desired hair color and allow your stylists to monitor your condition.


Colorizing thick hair is a complex process that requires precision and personal care. Our Aurora, Colorado, stylists have years of experience helping clients with dense hair achieve their color goals without compromising the health or integrity of their locks. If you follow these essential tips and leave the transformation of your hair to a professional, you will be able to have beautiful, vibrant, and bold hair.